[Article] Park Bom Boasts her Perfect V-line

@haroobommi : "sweet dream. xoxo."

@haroobommi : “sweet dream. xoxo.”

Girl group 2NE1′s member Park Bom’s jaw line has been a topic recently.

Park Bom updated her Instagram on the 15th with an attention-grabbing photo. She was wearing a black beanie on the photo while sporting a demure facial expression. Her intense gaze was also very impressive. Her jaw’s perfect v-line caught the eyes of the netizens.

Netizens commented on the photo, “Park Bom looks so pretty”, “It looks like Park Bom lost so much weight” , “She looks so much prettier now”, “Her jawline is perfect”, “Her eye-makeup is pretty strong but it fits her so well”, “We want to see 2NE1′s album and comeback soon”.


Park Bom memperlihatkan V-line nya yg sempurna (wajah V)

Garis rahang member 2NE1 baru2 ini sangat menarik perhatian.

Park Bom mengupdate instagramnya pada 15 April dg foto yg sangat menarik perhatian. Ia menggunakan beanie hitam dengan ekspresi wajah yg malu2. Tatapan intens nya juga sangat mengesankan. Rahangnya yg berbentuk V juga sangat menarik perhatian netizen.

Komen netizen terhadap fotonya: “Park Bom terlihat sangat cantik”, “sepertinya berat badan Bom turun jauh”, Ia terlihat sangat cantik sekarang”, “Rahangnya sangat sempurna”, Make-up matanya sangat cantik dan sangat cocok dengannya”, “Kami ingin album 2NE1 dan comeback segera”.

Source: Nate via WeLoveBom
Translated by Cathy@WLB
Indo trans by ejy_@2ne1blackjackindonesia


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